Aarka consultancy

Client Overview

Aarka Consultancy is a dynamic HR consultancy firm that serves both companies and individuals. With a commitment to bridging the gap between talent and opportunities, Aarka Consultancy offers comprehensive HR solutions, connecting skilled professionals with organizations seeking top-tier talent.

Challenges Faced by Aarka Consultancy

Data Management

Aarka Consultancy was dealing with large volumes of data, including resumes, client details, and job vacancies. Managing this data efficiently posed a significant challenge.

User Engagement

Both individual job seekers and client companies needed a seamless platform to interact with Aarka Consultancy. The existing systems were lacking in terms of user experience and engagement.


Manual processes for handling resumes, posting job vacancies, and matching candidates with suitable roles were time-consuming. Aarka Consultancy sought to automate these processes for increased efficiency.


With a growing client base and an increasing number of candidates, Aarka Consultancy needed a scalable solution that could adapt to changing needs and volumes.

Solution We Proposed

Aarka Consultancy partnered with Maitri AI to implement a comprehensive HR management system that addresses their specific challenges. The solution included the following key features:

Centralized Data Repository

- Maitri AI developed a centralized database for Aarka Consultancy to store and manage all relevant data, including candidate resumes, client details, and job vacancies.
- Advanced search and filtering capabilities allowed easy access to specific information, enhancing the efficiency of the consultancy's operations.

User-Friendly Interface

- Maitri AI designed an intuitive user interface for both individual job seekers and client companies. This streamlined the user experience, making it easy for users to upload resumes, track applications, and post job vacancies.

Resume Parsing and Matching

- Maitri AI implemented advanced resume parsing capabilities, extracting key information from resumes and matching candidates with suitable job vacancies.
- Automated matching algorithms reduced manual effort and significantly improved the accuracy of candidate-client pairings.

Automated Job Posting

- Aarka Consultancy could now effortlessly post job vacancies on the platform. The system automated the process of creating and publishing job listings, reaching a broader audience and attracting top talent.

Communication and Notifications

- Maitri AI incorporated a communication module that facilitated seamless interactions between Aarka Consultancy, clients, and candidates.
- Automated notifications kept all parties informed about the status of applications, interview schedules, and other relevant updates.

Scalability and Customization

- The solution provided by Maitri AI was designed to scale with Aarka Consultancy's growing needs. Additional features and modules could be easily integrated to adapt to changing requirements.


Employing the concept of object detection, a convolutional neural network (CNN)-based YOLO algorithm was applied to accurately identify and locate impure instances like Breakage, Dot and Inclusion along with clean instances in an image.



The automated system significantly minimized errors (close to 5% as compared to 20% before) that were previously common in manual processes. By leveraging advanced algorithms and precise machinery, the system ensured a higher level of accuracy in operations, leading to improved product quality and consistency.


The introduction of automation resulted in a notable decrease in the time required to complete tasks, from an average of 30-60 minutes to 1 minute maximum.


In quality control, the automated system demonstrated superior grading accuracy. Its ability to meticulously assess and classify products based on pre-set criteria ensured a consistent evaluation.


The transition to an automated system reduced the need for a large manual workforce, leading to substantial cost savings in terms of labour.