Measuring the effect of music therapy on voiced speech signal

With the rapid development in the field of speech processing, the human speech is being analyzed from different perspectives. Now-a-days impact of external factors like music on speech are also being studied by the researchers. It is widely accepted fact that the music plays important role in refreshing the mood when we see most of the people listening to the music in train or bus to get rid of boredom. This paper deals with the relation between music & its effect on human speech based on the fact that brain (cerebrum) has control over vocal tract (speech). It is also observed that the people work efficiently while listening music to increase their alertness & concentration. By studying voice samples of fatigued persons (physically or mentally fatigued) of different age-groups, it has been observed that listening to music reduces considerably the average mean & the average standard deviation feature of the speech waveform. It has also been observed that average energy of the speech waveform gets reduced & its zero crossing rate (ZCR) gets increased.

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